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Use Facebook to geolocalize your hunt for those Louboutin shoes

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Published 17 Nov 2012

[cont'd] the best places around you. Write reviews about your favorite bar, restaurant, DVD or book store (if you can find one)...or any other kind of shop, if it comes to that. You can rate them with stars as well as read reviews written by your Facebook’s friends or other users. Facearound geo-localizes you automatically and shows you the nearest cool places to go or the shops with best reviews. Utilize Facearound special deals and find out all the special offers available in the shops that are close, too. Facearound  uses Facebook fanpages and places and fills them into the map where you are geo-localized. You can also choose a different area, city, country or continent filling it into the search box or simply scrolling the map. Once you decide the area, Facearound marks out all the nearby venues such as the best bars,  restaurants, shopping malls, market or salon etc. You can tap on any one of them and read reviews and ratings and discover what deals they offer. The app uses a very simple and intuitive interface with everything placed right in front of your eyes.
Facebook ads take on a different meaning when put into a concept like Facearound. They are kind of annoying when they turn up on your feed page but, when used in a geolocation app like this one they turn out to be quite useful. And we know how many there are don't we? As mentioned earlier, the...