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The first app to generate and playback high quality face morphing video in real-time

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FaceFilm app : converts face photos into a morphing film
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Published 27 Mar 2013

Everyone loves a picture warping application and FaceFilm is definitely one of the better photo apps that we have seen here at the FeedMyApp office. Believe me, we've had heaps of fun with this one. So why has this app proved so popular? Well, you must have seen those short films where someone takes a face shot every day for one, ten or twenty years and strings them all together to show how you have developed and changed over the years. FaceFilm isn't going to tie you down for years on end taking self portraits but you can put a series of photos together from young to old. The app then turns then into a moving film to show how you have evolved over the years
FaceFilm is a clever and fun app where you can convert face photos into a morphing film. Imagine getting a whole bunch of photos of your folks together that range from when they were just kids to how they look now. Use the easy-to-use tools to line up various points on each face so that the photos morph smoothly into each other and watch as they warp seamlessly from one to another in real time. Then repeat the process with each of your nine photos and FaceFilm morphs them all together into one smoothly morphed video of their lives. It's great to do it with film stars. You could take a photo of Jodie Foster, for example, and find a...