Developer description

This App refines Face Recognition to enable automatic face tracking for video or still shots.
When it detects a face (or several faces) the camera automatically tracks it and zooms in to a preset level.
In fact, by looking into or away from the camera, the face itself can be used to control the composition.
You can freely set tracking speed, zoom level and zoom function.

Very useful for selfie movies and more.
There are many apps that use Face Recognition, but no other app can track faces like this.

It's a unique new take on movies.

Once you see it, you'll wonder why nobody thought of it before!

For example:
◉ For kiddy videos, start with a wide shot that takes in the whole scene. When the kid(s) looks at the camera, it automatically zooms up so their face(s) fills the screen. Yes, that’s right! One kid, the face fills the whole screen. Two or three kids, the zoom setting automatically makes sure you can see all their faces!

◉ A singer/songwriter looks down at his guitar… The camera takes in the whole scene. When he looks up at the camera, it automatically zooms up on just his face. Then he looks down, and the camera zooms out again.
Now you can make a professional promo video all by yourself!

◉ In a group discussion, as each member looks up at the camera to speak, it automatically grabs his face in close-up detail!

Last updated 25 Jan 2016

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