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Published 1 May 2013

Let's face it, this world would be a better and a far more efficient place if our personal lives were better organized. We would get far more done, things would run smoother and there would be more time to do the things that we love to do best. There are plenty of personal organization apps (known as "get things done" or GTD apps) available on the app market but I guess you have say that there are app...and then there are APPS. As far as personal productivity apps go, Facile Things is an iOS and Android app that happens to fall into the latter category.
GTD is methodology presented by David Allen in his book "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity" in 2001. Based on very simple principles and many years of experience, this methodology has become a worldwide reference on personal productivity. We all know that it is very hard to change the habits of a lifetime but using the right tools can make it a lot easier and helpful. FacileThings is a personal management system designed to help you better organize your life and your work. It is a "GTD on Rails" app that helps you focus on what matters.  Facile Things relies on recent usability studies to make an application that is very clean, intuitive, fast and easy to use. You can add an unlimited number of collaborators and projects and the app provides plenty of performance statistics so you can see where your lifestyle has been improved and where you need to pick your socks up. Capture everything you care about via FacileThings, your email or your social networks via your smartphone and process everything you've collected as often as you want. By clarifying what each item is, you are swapping uncertainty for calmness. Organize your information in order to appear on your radar at the right time. You have all the needed lists and tools: calendar, next actions, "someday/maybe" list, delegated actions, projects, reference materials, contexts, goals and areas of responsibility. Review and update your system once a week and measure your progress and get everything under control and, eventually, your organizational ability will improve. But, this tool is only half of the solution with education being the other half. By using the Facile Things blog, tutorials and in-app help, they aim to help you get your things done in a cohesive and effective way, ensuring you remain calm and relaxed despite having seemingly overwhelming tasks to perform as well as gaining advanced insights into being more productive overall.
Facile Things could well be described as the ultimate solution for true GTDers. It is a self-management app that lets you organize you life better and aims to give time back to you. But, probably the best thing about this productivity app is that it doesn't end when you turn the app off. Facile Things offers a blog and a tutorial to simplify your life features integration with Evernote, Twitter, Delicious, Google Calendar as well as email. It allows you to collect, process, organize and review all your content and get things done efficiently.

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