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Published 23 Feb 2012

Research, as anyone who has seriously dabbled in it will know, can be a very time-consuming occupation if you want to do it properly. Factbrowser is a social and business research and marketing application for your mobile phone that simplifies research  by collating all the best and most relevant results of your search from some of the most respected publications the world over. While it's pretty easy to Google or Bing your searches, Factbrowser hunts down specifically relevant publications based on the information you are looking for.
Factbrowser is the discovery engine for the most compelling facts and is geared towards more efficient business and technology research. It features a smarter and faster search engine with a totally filterable database of thousands of insights and hand-picked facts, stats, studies and reports specifically applicable to your search. Whats more, the database is growing larger every day. Factbrowser is designed for marketers, analysts, consultants, journalists and even the intellectually curious and is guaranteed to save money and time. Plus, it will give you more information to make a better decision whether you’re building a presentation, writing a blog post, researching a topic or just want to stay ahead of the curve, Factbrowser will make it easier, cleverer and faster. Sources are taken from some of the most reputable organizations worldwide like Deloites, GfK, Microsoft, TechCrunch and eMarketer
Facts are the things that makes the world go round. And there's really no substitute for getting your facts right or having all the information at your disposal to make the right decision. Factbrowser delivers facts in spades and new facts are delivered right into your inbox every day. Whether it be for your blog or website or if you need to write a paper for a client it's a simple, free and easy way of getting the most important information...fast.

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