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To build an opinion is a necessity, to share it with the world is the opportunity

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Factify is a smartphone application developed to engage people in the art of “thinking and ... More

Editor's review

Published 4 Sep 2015

We hear so much these days about opinion polls and often seem to rely on them to form the way our society actually works. Politically speaking, it seems that the world revolves around polls and the pollster can be the most influential person in town. Trump is up in the polls, Hillary is down! The thing that worries me most is the size and demographics of the people being polled. Quite often, the size of a poll will be too minimal or the target area too localized to really reflect how the country - or the world - is thinking. Factify is a live global community for iOS that polls all races, all cultures and all beliefs and gives a much better idea of how people all over the world think about everything and anything from politics to fashion. It gives us the chance to discover what people from all over the world think about, as well as giving us the chance to share our thoughts and give our own opinion on life's reat pageant and all the things that encompass it.

Imagine if you could discover the world’s opinion on things just with the swipe of your finger. Are our Governments simply a naive bunch of hypocrites who are looking after the rich and privileged amongst us or are they attempting to do the right thing by the people that voted for them? Are we doing enough to help people who have been displaced from their war-torn homelands? Do we prefer tea or coffee? Who is the better football team - Chelsea or Barcelona? Is Kim’s bum bigger than Nicki’s? There are so many questions that we could ask and we could check a hundred polls and get many different outcomes to any of those questions. Factify is a smartphone application that was developed to engage people in the art of “thinking and questioning”. It is a live global community that has been formed by all races, cultures and beliefs - together united by a will to share and discover thoughts and opinions in the simplest and most meaningful way. It's aim is to create a global mind that is composed and influenced by all of us and is capable of delivering answers to pressing questions from the point of view of society as a whole rather than us as individuals. The developers of Factify were fascinated by the idea of an open window on today’s society and its way of thinking. They felt the need to connect with people from all over the world and allow the exchange of thoughts and opinions in a simple and valuable way. While we have many different ways of sharing opinions already, being able to receive instant feedback about a subject from every corner of the world is even more eye-opening.

'To build an opinion is a necessity, to share it with the world is the opportunity' is a fine way of introducing a crowd sourcing, lifestyle app like Factify. It allows you to see what the rest of the world is thinking, share our own valued opinions, back those opinions up with factual evidence and get feedback from a worldwide community. The fact is, the world has never been more connected and disconnected. While our communications have improved exponentially with the help of the Internet we also have to accept that the actions of our own Governments affect all the people around us - whether they be in the next State or in Kathmandu. It's more important than ever that we know how they feel as well as ourselves. Factify encourages us to ask questions, send them out to our worldwide community and see what the world thinks - all with the swipe of a finger.

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