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Fairbooks makes textbook buyback suck less

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Fairbooks makes textbook buyback suck less. Customers using one of our 54 competitors have a ... More

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Published 17 Oct 2011

As if students don't have a hard enough life anyway there is always the added cost of textbooks and what to do with them when you don't need them anymore. Usually, it's just advertising at your college or university, but you won't get much for them as there are plenty of others selling theirs too. Or you buy and sell them through booksellers leaving you open to bad customer service and hard to read websites. Fairbooks is an education selling tool that buys and sells textbooks at a much better rate than it's competitors.
Fairbooks makes textbook buyback work better for both the buyer and the seller. While many customers using competitors tools have a mediocre experience at best with delayed payments, non-existent customer service, unfair payments and unnavigable websites all complaints that are heard over and over again.  On the plus side Fairbooks offer many additional services including lots of industry-firsts including free Post Office pickup. Fairbooks claim to pay faster than any of their competitors, provide great customer service, claim to pay more than any of their competitors and provide an overall pleasurable experience that makes every customer a repeat customer.

Fairbooks will improve the lives of many a poor student. The cost of textbooks these days is a large chunk of a student's allowance so the more you get back from them when you sell them the better. The site is a simple one. All you really do...