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Falcon Expenses is the first truly fully mobile iPhone solution for expense tracking, there is ... More

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Published 6 Dec 2013

We all know how difficult it seems to be for big business to track and bill expenses accurately even with their larger workforces and sizeable resources. Now, imagine how difficult and time consuming it must be for the freelancer or small business. Falcon Expenses has come up with the answer with this expense tracking application for iPhone that lets you track your full expenses without the need to keep records on your computer. Automatically track mileage, scan receipts and log billable hours and keep accurate records - all from your phone.
Falcon Expenses is the first fully mobile iPhone solution for expense tracking that is designed with the freelancer or small business in mind. Even when you are out and about on the road you can keep accurate records without ever having to go to your desktop. This expense management app has a number of excellent features but the most interesting and certainly the most popular gives you the ability to either auto-track tax-deductible mileage via GPS or simply enter your odometer readings. You can easily scan receipts and the app will log the merchant, the date and the amount and, unlike with many other options, these receipt scans are accurate! You can also log your billable hours by using the integrated timer. It's easy to organize your expenses by time period, by client or by and create reports that can be emailed to anyone in PDF or spreadsheet format - still all from your phone. Falcon Expenses is an all in one mobile solution for your expense tracking needs that is great for freelancers, realtors, sole proprietors and other professionals. In fact, it's perfect for anyone that has to submit receipts, mileage and time logs to their accountants, bookkeepers and clients for billing or remuneration purposes.
Falcon Expenses is a very smart looking and useful expense, billing and accounting application for iPhone. It was founded on the concept of an automated expense keeping app that required little or no human intervention that you could take with you on your mobile and it achieves that better than most. The app is easy to use and provides a way for all types of professionals to keep a track of their expenses in an efficient and intuitive way. Interestingly enough, the company's name is derived from the Peregrine Falcon - purportedly the fastest and most efficient animal in the world. Quite apt really!

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