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Puntalo makes it easy to locate & protect the people you care for.

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Published 9 Mar 2013

The safety and security of your loved ones is what we are talking about here. Puntalo is a free phone tracking application that works on all smartphones - old and new - and let's you map where your kids are, when they get home and even track that phone you might have left on the bus on the way home. This easy to use app makes it simple to find the last position of up to five different smartphones and can even send you an SMS notification when they get home from school. You can even check what your partner gets up to if they tell you that they always come straight home after work.
Puntalo makes it easy to locate and protect the people you care for - not to mention your rather expensive smartphone and the information held inside it. Just download and install the Puntalo app to your phone and transform any smartphones into the ultimate family safety device. Check the last position of your phone on a map and lock access to its settings remotely. In the free version, setting up one notification area and one notification recipient is free so you can get a taste of the features. The paid version of the app gives you 24/7 location tracking for up to five devices, can send you SMS and email alerts when your kids get home from school and remotely lock the device if it gets lost. It uses both indoor and outdoor GPS technology...