Developer description

An average person stays in touch with approximately 35 relatives and even more numerous are one’s distant family ties. Siblings and cousins, grandmas and grandpas, nephews and grandnieces – all of these individuals are tied together by shared ancestors, shared moments of happiness and sorrow, by rich family history. But where is it? Gathering dust in boxes of old photographs, fading off the VHS tapes you can’t play anymore, hiding in the folders of your hard drive. We constantly take photos and shoot videos, but where is that lovely photo from grandp0a’s anniversary?! It must have been stored in the old mobile phone that no longer works. Or has it been on that computer that broke down last year? Surely it was copied onto a DVD with the rest of the photos, but where is that disc? I haven’t seen it since we moved. We’ve all been there: despite our modern gadgets the family photo album is empty and our family history is scattered and lost. What happened to all those family treasures great-grandma used to keep in her cupboard: the century old photos, family diaries, letters and greeting cards filled with a lifetime of memories and stories? It would be wonderful to share those with children and then safely preserve for grandchildren. But how?
The answer is FamilySky. Every registered family gets 100GB of free cloud storage space to build their own family archive open to all members of the family, but hidden from the outside view. Relatives will not only be able to create shared photo and video albums, but upload audio files, record ancestor biographies, organize family celebrations on a shared calendar, pitch in on family gifts and simply communicate using all the features of a modern social cloud service.
The idea behind FamilySky is to allow every family to reunite in a friendly online home, even if some family members are very far apart. FamilySky is a refreshing new type of social network: it’s not meant for collecting friends, seeking out old schoolmates or dealing with a public account; it’s a private family platform that allows each family to join together to reconstruct their history like a puzzle and save it for younger generations.
Our prelaunch page is already available. The launch of the beta version will take place in autumn 2013. Register with your e-mail address on prelaunch page and become one of the first to discover new possibilities offered by family cloud service FamilySky.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015