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Published 11 Nov 2011

I’m sorry but I really don’t get this one at all. When I first saw the title I assumed it would be a useful educational source of famous questions throughout history such as "how do you like your omelette cooked Mr Bennett?"

Unfortunately it isn’t and that’s about where my interest stopped. It looks like it’s not only me that’s lost interest either because it’s only attracted 173 questions across all of its categories in a year.

Ok so the guys behind this site are punting the actual PHP script to provide a content management solution for anyone who wants to run a ‘profitable expert advice service.’ The content on here however does not represent much of an advert for anyone with that ambition in mind. There’s some irony in here too. One of the questions asked is," are there any other sites currently using this script?" Despite 154 views there isn’t one answer in the positive.

I suppose I ought to give readers an outline on how it looks and the interaction available so here’s a summary.

 You need to log in to ask a question or answer and vote on one. I realized this when I posed the question about why the site existed in the first place. Questions can be placed under a wide range of categories and depending on how many questions you ask and how many answers you give you could feature in the site’s top 5, wow!

It’s all pretty pointless stuff as far as I can see and the name of the site really should be changed to stop confusing old buffers like me. I consider a famous question to be something along the lines of "Is it your intention to invade Poland Mr Hitler?"  It certainly beats "How much sex do u like?"

Enough said I think.

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