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You What?! Free Football Chant iPhone App - 10,000+ Real Audio Soccer Chants

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The new FanChants iPhone app is FREE and has over 10,000 real audio football songs to play and ... More

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Published 29 Jan 2012

The No.1 football chant website has just released a new free iPhone app. The app plays over 10,000 real football chants recorded from fans of 500+ teams and is free to download on iTunes. receives hundreds, sometimes thousands, of audio chants monthly from soccer fans all around the world so the archive just keeps growing. From Argentine harmonies and Brazilian Samba beats, to German chanting and British funnies, the FanChants iPhone app has every football fan catered for

Alerts - New chants and Staff Picks
Users register their favourite team within the app to be notified of new chants that are hot off the press via push alerts. Staff Picks are a hand picked selection of the best chants from teams all over the world and are updated daily, giving fans a taste of terrace culture from other countries.

Upgrade to use chants as ringtones
For an upgrade fee of £4.99 all chants are available to use as ringtones so football fans are able to use any chants as profile tones for when their mates call. Different chants can be used for different people. Chants like ‘You’ve never seen a salad’ are funny additions to ringtone libraries and for those mates who support different teams chants like ‘We all hate Leeds’ ‘Who the **** are Man United’ or ‘Build a bonfire’ can be used as profile tones. There’s laughs to be had and shed loads of chants to choose from.

Non-UK chants translated into English...