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Get stuck in, join in and sing your heart out for the boys!

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Fanchants offers FREE download of thousands of "real live" recorded football chants. Featuring ... More

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Published 4 Feb 2014

The thing that really sets football (or soccer to our American friends) apart from most other sports is of the witty banter and vocal playfulness of their supporters. Whether they are singing "I"m Forever Blowing Bubbles" for the minnows of West Ham United or "Real Madrid Ale Ale" for Spain's all-conquering champions, there's no denying that football fans are some of the most passionate around. To celebrate this comes the release of a fun free app for Android and iOS called Fan Chants where you can hear over 26,000 authentic real audio football chants and soccer songs - sung by real fans - from over 450 teams and over 60 countries around the globe.
FanChants is an hilarious and entertaining sports and audio app that lets you play and listen to fan songs from your favorite football teams from all over the world. FanChants not only features musical delights from the most popular teams in the world but also chants from places as diverse as Australia and Vietnam with every fan catered for. Users can register their favorite clubs within the app and receive alerts when new chants for their teams are in. Staff Picks of the best songs from teams around the world highlight the best chants from over 30 different countries. All non-UK chants are translated into English, so you can really understand what other fans are singing about their team wherever they come from. Users can upgrade the app to use all songs and chants as ringtones for when their mates call ... with different chants assigned to different people.  All chants are free to download and are perfect to add that extra atmosphere to your Playstation and XBox games.
Football fans live, breathe and sing for their teams and FanChants bottles the sound of the terraces and puts the passion of match day in your pocket. FanChants is a tribute to the passion of the fans and aims to be the beating heart of the terraces by collecting and archiving all the hilarious lyrics and audio of football chants past, present and future. It also aims to be a forum for fans to share their wit, banter and rivalry in support of their team whether they be in England's Premier League, Spain's La Liga, the Bundesliga, the American MSL, Australia's A League and many, many others… FanChants gives you the chance to get stuck in, join in and sing your heart out for the boys!

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