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FANiGRAM is a free app designed to create 30 second, animated football banter videos directly ... More

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Published 14 Aug 2012

Now that the Olympics are over it's time to get back to the real thing. Don't get me wrong, the sight of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah setting London on fire will remain with me and  all sports fans for a long time, but there is nothing like the passion and rivalry of team sports to stir the emotions. With the European Football and, specifically the English Premier League, just about to kick off now might be the time to take your support to another level with FANiGRAM. This free sports entertainment application lets you create short completely personalized animated videos supporting your team and let's you share them with your friends via YouTube, email or your favorite social network.
Welcome to the home ground of FANiGRAM, the free app that’s designed to let you support your team and rip your mates. FANiGRAM is a free app designed to create 30 second animated football banter videos directly from an iPhone to share on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or by email. It's as easy as sending a text message and guaranteed to annoy the opposition fans more than an own goal in the last minute of injury time.  It's simple to create any number of personalised cartoon fans and kit them out with team names, colours, hats and banners. Different fans can be saved for different clubs, international teams or even the local five-a-side squad. To spice up your message, a text message, joke, jibe or put down is then typed into the fan’s speech bubble and enhanced with a pre-designed animation. This ranges from belly laughs, floods of tears, steam coming out the ears and an array of other fan dances and celebrations. A FANiGRAM video will take your football banter and post-match gloating to a whole new league. An audio feature allows a terrace chant or music file to be added to the video output and the user can replace the cartoon’s head with any face picture downloaded or stored on their phone. This masterpiece of witty banter can then be shared from the app to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or sent via e-mail. And, while in no way are the developers suggesting  that sports supporters are prone to racy comments, the app has a number of very strong messages built in regarding anti-racist, anti-sectarian and even anti-bullying behaviour.
Probably the only time that it's acceptable to berate a friend is when sport is involved - you get free reign for the whole week when your team beats theirs. FANiGRAM is a fun sports fan application where you can easily create short videos filled with witty banter and cool graphics that denigrate the opposition team. Reading the developer's bio I see that the app came together over a few pints in an English pub and I can just imagine these boozy football (soccer) fans sitting around discussing their ultimate sporting insult application. Rather than being abusive, FANiGRAM offers a much more good natured form of ribbing that should make both sides smile. I'm hoping my first boast comes after the weekend when the Gunners start the season a little better than the last one.

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