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Fantasy tidy up! is a game for small kids. The game speaks English and it teaches them new ... More

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Published 24 Aug 2014

There are many many games out there that purport to be educational language applications for kids but most are a bit of a let down when it comes right down to it. Some are barely educational and others lack that something special that sparks some interest with the child. Fantasy Tidy Up! is a new kids game for iPad that has a functioning storyline, beautiful graphics and a simple philosophy. It uses text-to-speech technology to teach small kids English vocabulary by having them move objects and put them in their right place in the room. The app 'speaks' in different sentences and gives feedback when items are tidied up and put in the right or the wrong place in the room.
Fantasy Tidy Up! is a game for small kids that not only teaches them new vocabulary in English but also tries to familiarize them with the concept of keeping their room neat and tidy. This iOS educational game teaches kids to clean different fantasy rooms by moving move objects to the right places on the screen. The game teaches kids where different objects in the room belong as well as teaching them a new vocabulary with a different sentence to repeat for each item if the interact with it. There are lots of cool 'kiddie-friendly' rooms to tidy up including the dragon's cave, the dwarf's house, a witch's house, a pirate ship, the King's chamber and a water gnome's house and the game contains over fifty different objects that need picking up and tidying. Each object will introduce itself if you touch it and will speak if you move it to the right place and give advice if you move it to the wrong place. The game speaks great English using text-to-speech technology and has been extensively tested on small kids to great effect. 
The iPad really has taken education and learning to a new level when it comes to kids. The sheer user-friendliness of the device is a major factor in getting kids to interact, play and learn to the point where games like Fantasy Tidy Up! just wouldn't exist if it wasn't a part of the process. This beautiful looking app features gorgeous and loveable scenes and encourages small kids to interact with the many objects in each room. It uses different sentences whenever objects are moved and encourages kids to repeat and increase their vocabulary. Surprisingly enough - and unlike many voice-oriented apps - the TTS technology provides an excellent voice delivery. As a bonus, you might even find that your child develops into someone who manages to keep they room tidy.  That's got to be a good thing.

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