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A fashionista looks at fashion as a form of art and has a great feeling for style. However, some ... More

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Published 3 May 2013

So how do you think you'd go in the fashion stakes? Have you watched enough episodes of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model to know your silk from your satin and your alpaca from angora? Fashion Games is a new app for would-be fashionistas that offers a heap of fashion-related games to test your knowledge and shopping skills and sets you on a path to maybe turn you into the next Yves St Laurent or Vivian Westwood. This fun and entertaining set of games features various levels of difficulty in taking you to the top of the fashion tree.
Here’s a great chance to put your fashion skills and knowledge to the test. Fashion Games lets you play challenging games to find out if you are a true fashionista or a flop...and, hopefully, beat the others. A fashionista looks at fashion as an art form and has to have a great feeling for style. However, with this art form, some knowledge and research is needed in order for us to know what we are talking about. Similarly, to make the right shopping decisions, the characteristics of different fabrics have to be clear. Do you know the difference between silk, satin and chiffon, for example? Well, these and many other conundrums are exactly what Fashion Games is all about. It's about testing your fashion knowledge down to the last detail. Do you think that you could recognize a famous clothing brand just from one picture...