Developer description

At 4.6 kB with no dependencies, it's the fastest comment service around.
FastComments prioritizes speed and user experience above all else. It doesn't spy on you or your users and has the features you care about.

In this day and age spying on users and dealing slow software are common pains. FastComments helps break this trend by being privacy focused and very fast.

Some features we offer:
- An unobtrusive UI - no modals or behavior that distracts from your content.
- Ad-free experience, no data harvesting.
- Ability to moderate content.
- Configurable notifications for you and your users.
- Billed based on usage. No monthly fee (unless you purchase the support package).
- Ability to import from Disqus.
- Ability to export your data at any time.
- Ability to upgrade to paid or enterprise plans.
- A comment UI that fetches comments and renders in milliseconds to prevent disengagement.
- Very Fast Time-To-Engage: No complex sign up process for your users.
- Secure Password-less Account Management (email-based login links).
- Up-vote/Down-vote Support.
- Sorting by Date+Votes.
- Threads (replies to replies) along with reply notifications for engagement.
- Users get notified when someone replies, and you get notified of new comments to moderate. We also aggregate emails, so if you receive a hundred notifications in an hour we'll just send one summary email.
- Anonymous commenting (unverified comments auto removed after three days)

Last updated 21 Feb 2020

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