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FastFeed offers unique UI that brings the power of multi-tab into mobile feeds app with simple and elegant design. With FastFeed, you will enjoy the Best Feed Experience You’ve Ever Met.

[An Introduction to FastFeed]

The Power of Multi-Tab Comes to Mobile App.

Do you remember the thrill when you first use the multi-tab in web browser? It removes the burden of managing windows and gives you a freedom of navigation. The same thing occurs here. FastFeed brings multi-tab to mobile feeds navigation. This will remove repetitive ‘back button’ and gives you a seamless content flow. No more ‘Select->View->Back’, just ‘Select->View’ and ‘Select->View’.

More Concentrated on Content.

Multi-tab bar is located at the bottom of the screen and supports auto-hiding. Feed view is sized to full width of device, maximized as large as possible. There is no obstacle over the content. This leads to the extremely simple and intuitive user interface.

The Best Feeds App You’ve Ever Met.

FastFeed accomplish the coexistence of powerful multi-tab navigation with the simple and intuitive UI. Multiple tabs cache only last viewed position and do not incur any performance overhead. With the FastFeed, you can enjoy the best feeds app you’ve ever met.

The Best Tumblr Experience Ever

The unique UI of FastFeed can apply to any feed service. But, we think, Tumblr is ideally suited. Accordingly, ‘FastFeed for Tumblr’ is our first choice of multi-tab based feed app series. This app will give you the best Tumblr experience ever. And more apps will follow. Stay tuned on FastFeed.

-Unique multi-tab navigation.
-Every feed button or link start a new feed tab if not already exists.
-Tapping on the active tab will pop up the tab menu such as ‘close this’, ‘close all but this’ and ‘tab history’.
-Max number of tab can be changable in the settings.
-Supports auto hiding the multi-tab bar. (changable in the settings)

-Fast and lightweight scroll view that supports endless scroll to far older contents.
-Smart scrolling that intelligently adjust stopping position of scrolled content (scroll down only).
-Auto rotation supported so that it can fit both portrait and landscape images into screen.
-Universial app that supports both iPhone and iPad.

-Left edge swipe will pop up ‘My blog menu’.
-Right edge swipe will display ‘Seach/Explore tag menu’.
-Can post any type of content: photo,video,quotes,chats,links and text.
-Supports almost all the tumblr services that officially provided by Tumblr API.
-Known limitations: ask/reply, fan mail, notifications, tracking tags are disabled. (not provided by Tumblr API).

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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