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Editor's review

Published 8 Nov 2011

I think I’d be very wary about spilling my heart on this site and then leaving it to the mercy of a free for all by any Tom, Dick or Harry. More to the point anyone doing so might want to read the Privacy Policy before getting spammed by just about anyone selling a service with a tenuous link to the very issue up for discussion.

Faultmeter.com is a free service that allows users to either submit a story or comment and vote on one already posted. The basic idea is based on the theory that people need reassurance that they’re not at fault for a particular course of action they have taken. For some people however they’ll get the opposite and basically be told to live with it.

There are a number of categories ranging from family and relationships to school and work and these can be further sorted into sub categories such as newest, highest fault, most comments and probably the most read, controversial.

Billed as an anonymous service there is indeed no mention of personal details on either a story or subsequent comments. Users registering however will need to enter an email address after which they will be able to post questions and responses and vote guilty or innocent.

I can perhaps see this site appealing to students at school where even the slightest disagreement with a friend is seen as terminal. Other interested parties could of course include those people who like to spend their days watching Ricki Lake and Oprah re-runs.

For people with nothing better to do and who are pretty relaxed about what might appear in their inbox then feel free to give it a go. The privacy policy however does state that information will never be passed on to unaffiliated third parties without consent so I think my first question would be what constitutes unaffiliated? More to the point what constitutes affiliated as it sounds as if they just might get passed everything!

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