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Your TV experience doesn't have to end when the show is over. Share your thoughts, see what your ... More

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Published 17 Jan 2012

TV seems to have taken over from the movies as the biggest talk around the water cooler these days. The regularity of a series gets into the psyche of the watching public far more effectively. With so many series being highly complicated to follow the viewer is sucked more and more into a maelstrom of information and snippets of information from friends and many other sources. Miss an episode and you have no idea what's going on - just ask fans of "Lost." Fav.tv is a place for TV tragics. It's a place where you can share thoughts and view your friends' favorites while managing your own tv watching and delving deeper into your favorite shows.
fav.tv is the ultimate television social networking and management tool for iPhone and Android or one of the other smartphones that makes it easy to keep up with all your favorite TV shows. It works on the theory that your TV experience doesn't necessarily have to end when the show ends. To enhance the whole tv watching experience it has a social networking element that allows you to share your thoughts and theories with your TV watching friends and also to see what they are watching too. fav.tv shows you how to dig a little deeper into your favorite TV shows. From there you can manage your favorites and note all the episodes you've seen, which ones to watch next and you can even make your own watch-lists to view later. Find out when a series is returning or if it's been cancelled - stuff that you usually have to trawl the net to find out. See at a glance what's on tv tonight or arrange to receive a text or email reminder when your faves are on.
fav.tv is certainly an all encompassing free tv guide, that's for sure. Not only is it the only guide you'll need with episode guides, descriptions, trailers, ratings, photos, news and comments from other viewers. It kinda leaves Leonard Maltin behind. You can just play with fav.tv without signing up quite easily but to get it's full worth just create a simple account of sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account. It you want to finally organize and manage your TV viewing habits then fav.tv is as good a place to start as any. Now, can someone tell me what "Lost" was all about?

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