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FaxDesk provides local fax numbers in any of the 30 countries of your choice to send or receive ... More

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Published 11 Oct 2011

Let's face it, pretty well every one of us has an email address these days. That's not quite the fact with a fax machine though. I've lost count of the number of times someone has said to me that they'll just fax the information to me. I don't have a fax. So how can I get a fax sent via email to my computer or mobile phone? It's simple. FaxDesk is a cost effective Android and iPhone email tool that allows customers to either send or receive faxes via their email.
FaxDesk provides local fax numbers in any of the 30 countries of your choice for 24 hours to send or receive faxes electronically. FaxDesk allows the customers to send fax by fmail simply by emailing the document they wish to fax. Similarly, it allows you to receive faxes on your mobile or email and is the only service provider where receiving a fax is totally free.  When someone send you a fax, it is conveniently sent to your email address. What's more, there are no downloads and no complicated software to install. Just sign up and receive a free fax number. You'll never have to worry about a busy fax line as FaxDesk will give you unlimited lines. Your faxes are always confidential as faxes are delivered directly to your email securely. In many cases they can port over your existing fax number to their service.

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