Developer description

Real-time annotations and task management on videos,

Bring your team to the cloud and increase your efficiency by getting actionable, real-time feedback on your video projects.

Feedbac keeps you organized
All of your Feedbac is in one place. Your dashboard is a central platform that houses all of your videos . Keep all your teammates and clients close at hand as well. Whenever you need to get more feedback, simply add a teammate in a few clicks.

Feedbac saves you time
No searching through multiple email threads for feedback. No more back and forth. Write your edits directly on the canvas of your video and remove confusion by communicating with your teammates visually on a managed platform.

Feedbac saves you money
Manage your tasks, eliminate mis-communication, and get your videos completed faster. Have a checklist of what needs to be completed and keep on task for efficient project management , better task management, and faster sign off.

Video project management is simple with Feedbac.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015