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We provide a dedicated support website for your own website or application. Whenever a customer ... More

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Published 22 Jan 2014

How do you rate your customer support for your startup or website? Do you look upon it as a pain in the ass or as an opportunity to learn what your customers really want? The fact is, if it's utilized correctly, good customer support is essentially free marketing for your brand or your company. Many customers will willingly tell you what they think you are doing wrong with your product or service and they will even offer up suggestions on just how you can improve it. What's more, they will do this for free because they will benefit too. FeedbackHound provides a dedicated customer support platform for your website or application and turns negative queries and problems into positive feedback for your business with intelligent and speedy customer service.
FeedbackHound provides a dedicated support website for your own website or application so that whenever a customer has a query or a suggestion or needs to report a problem, they do so via your customized FeedbackHound site. By giving your customers a voice to discuss, vote and prioritize these issues, it eliminates the need for costly focus groups, customer surveys or the adding of new features in the hope that they are the things that customers want to see.
FeedbackHound is the perfect way for startups to improve their product as well as saving money on unnecessary polls - not to mention untried whistles and bells that you think your customers might react to. It gives your customers a...