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Published 20 Oct 2011

Most businesses are guilty of telling customers the old chestnut “we value your feedback” but in a lot of cases this feedback just ends up in an in-box with no organization or prioritization attached to it. This pot-luck approach to getting voices heard doesn’t do much for the confidence of customers and even less for the reputation of the businesses concerned.

Of course another way to test the market or gauge the mood is to spend money on research and engage well paid analysts and statisticians to tell you where your business should be going.

Neither of these options is likely to float too many people’s boats but there is a third way and it’s a kind of automated mixture of the two. provides a platform for customers to simply click a button on your website and put in motion a chain of events that will not only give you feedback, ideas and suggestions but will also show you what the majority of them consider to be priority.

With a small JavaScript snippet added to your existing website customers can hit the feedback button and suggest ideas for improvements or additions to services. These can be voted and commented upon by your customer community with the highest vote getters hitting the top of your priority list.

With the ability to see the comment thread of all discussions it’s easy to see how you can get up to speed with what your market wants and react accordingly. The system...