Developer description

Get a pulse on what your customers really think.
Gain true business intelligence with direct customer feedback to save time and money by targeting your opportunities. Feedbackular creates a small customizable snippet of code you put on your website to collect feedback. Feedbackular will collect customer feedback for you to review with our continually expanding feedback analysis engine. Get started collecting direct, private feedback in minutes.

Take your business to the next level.
Create business directives from real customer data. Save time and the cost of developing your own tools by using Feedbackular's continually improving feedback analysis engine.

Reliable metrics.
Feedbackular analytics does all the hard work for you. Discover satisfaction trends and make changes with quantitative statistics. Don't waste time with leading surveys, and start gathering simple feedback. Your customers are busy, and we make it easy for everyone.

Turn real customer needs into actions.
The Feedbackular feedback engine conveniently displays your results. Asking simple questions like "Would you recommend our company/service to a friend or colleague?" gets you the straight goods.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015