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Published 2 Mar 2012

All you sports fans will have your favorite sport applications to get the latest news about your teams but none will features the thing that sets the RSS app FeedMeSports apart from the rest. This sport app for your smartphone, iPad and iPod Touch  brings together heaps of feeds including blogs, newspaper articles and national media article that center around your favorite sporting team rather than the sport itself.
FeedMeSports unique in that it allows the user to choose the specific teams they want to follow and get news for. This is completely different from most other RSS applications because most bring together a large amount of feeds in one place with little organization. FeedMeSports allows you to follow only the teams you are interested in and are a fan of and will get you the local blogs, newspapers and national media articles on your team at your fingertips without a bunch of other news to weed through. You can even suggest other media outlets or teams that you'd like to see featured when you rate the app or visit the blog at www.tetsuume.com/blog ! If you are tired of searching all over the internet for your favorite professional and college team’s news and are looking for an app that allows you to follow your team’s news then the FeedMeSports app is exactly what you are looking for! Choose your favorite teams to follow, add them to your profile and keep informed with up to the minute news from blogs, local newspapers and national media on the teams you want to follow without having to visit multiple sites.
You could just read the sport pages of the newspaper to get info on your favorite team but if you are a real fan that just isn't enough is it. You want to know everything about your team and FeedMeSports finds you all the juicy background info as well as the back page news - all in one consolidated place. FeedMeSports is easy to use and, at just a dollar or so to download, it's cheaper than buying the newspaper.

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