Developer description

Feedster is a unique and useful news manager, which combines news feed from your accounts in Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Vkontakte and Facebook in one place. It saves a lot of time! Everything is collected in list, where you can watch videos, photos, gifs, etc. Do you like to rate posts and leave comments? Feedster will help you with this! This application has all the necessary functionality for comfortable working with news. Infinite scroll, fast working and customizable interface, gestures control, and this is only a small part of the Feedster benefits.


· SAVE YOUR TIME: Now there is no need to waste your time trying to find some news. All popular sources are collected in one place. With Feedster, you can easily organize publications, YouTube channels, subreddits, communities and other. Use your time as productive as possible. No need to do unnecessary actions anymore.

· FEED FROM SOCIAL NETWORKS: All feed from social networks available in Feedster. Connect multiple accounts from different sources in one place and work with your personalized feed. This advanced news aggregator unites all the best from social networks. Get the best of what really Interests you.

· EASY TO USE: Convenient and intuitive interface will help you comfortably spend your time in Feedster. All necessary actions can be performed in a few clicks. The app loads fast, offers a simple and clean usability experience. Infinite scroll, customizable and fast-loading interface combined with a pleasant design and easy-to-understand functionality help to work with news content faster and with minimal effort.

· NEVER BE BORED: Get all the freshest content from YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Vk and other sources. Discover top trending topics, breaking news, viral video clips, funny jokes and hot memes. Here you can not only read news and surfing through the interesting content, but write comments, rate feed and browse all detailed information about them.

· USE IT FOR BUSINESS: Use it not only for entertainment, but also for business development. You can monitor the activity of various companies, analyze important trends and much more. Faster access to lots of different sources of news and information means that you can more easily keep up with important trends in your industry and build up expertise on the topics you really care about. From tech to business, design to marketing, media and beyond, Feedster helps you discover great feeds that you can organize in one app.

Last updated 16 Aug 2017