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Published 19 Sep 2011

If you’re a business owner that thinks it’s about time you reviewed your credit card processing costs but dread the thought of all of those annoying sales guys calling then this is the site for you.

A comparison site for merchants, FeeFighters.com takes the basic information from you and then kick-starts an auction where top-tier card processing companies bid for your business. The result is a list of offers all set out on a like-for-like basis allowing you to weigh up the options available and the best fit for your company.

Like with all financial products you’ll need to provide correct company information and in this case a summary of the volumes taken on credit cards. You’ll also have to indicate how these sales are made up in respect of on-line payments and/or POS hardware. That said, it’s no more information than you would have had to provide when you started out.

The bids come back in an easy to read format and all follow the same pricing regulations set out by the site thus eliminating sneaky hidden extras. If something is not clear, a click of the mouse can ask a provider the question. To make things even clearer you can call on the sites own software to provide a breakdown of estimated monthly costs.

The devil is always in the detail and so to avoid any nasty shocks when the actual agreement arrives there is a function where you can click and view the document as part of your overall review of the choices. You can also review the credit card company itself as the site offers opinions and ratings on their performance from existing users.

With average annual savings of 40% it makes economic sense to get the bids coming in. It’s also completely free too as the site gets paid a commission by the card processor who successfully wins your business.

With easy to use functions this site should be something a business owner uses on an annual basis as part of a general review of all suppliers.

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