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FeelGoood app helps you achieve happiness in record time.

To increase your emotions and vibrations you must achieve a gradual change from one stage to the next vibrationally higher stage. That’s what the FeelGoood app does.

Determine your current mood and emotional point. The app then offers you thoughts that will help you increase your emotional point to a higher vibration, which means you ultimately feel better.

It is a FREE self-help tool that offers topics such as Attracting My Love, My Body, Money Issue, and many others, which have their own ratings and comments from users. The app has topics in English, French, Russian, Danish and Italian, and more to come.

Compared to other affirmation apps, FeelGoood allows you to EDIT, ADD or DELETE any affirmations to better serve your own personal needs.

In addition, a new audio feature allows you to listen to prerecorded guided affirmations, or to record your own voice. By setting local notifications you will periodically be reminded how wonderful you are, or what you are grateful for, and more.

The affirmations on the flashcards are not random; they are specifically set based on the self-report of your emotional stage, and your choice of topics. By reading the sequential affirmations, you are thinking about more positive things which provides stress relief and gradually moves you to more positive feelings.

The app is easy to use and is available on web browsers, Google Play and in the Apple Store.

"If you are actively engaged in any of the Law of Attraction alignment this app is an incredible tool for helping you shift your emotional focal point. With easy to follow instructions you can easily 'talk' yourself up the emotional scale to a more positive position. The app also allows you to edit, add or delete any affirmations to better serve your own personal needs. I have found this to be one of the most beneficial law of attraction app tools out there. I use it everyday!" From appstore reviewer.

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Last updated 22 Feb 2018

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