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The best way to adopt a rescue cat in your local area

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Feline Finder is an App with a purrpose which helps users find a cat breed that is most ... More

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Published 20 Apr 2017

Outside of we humans, cats are among the most perplexing creatures on the planet. They can be described in many ways but the words that come to mind immediately are playful, aloof, inquisitive, aristocratic and social. However, the number one adjective that people use more often than any other is lovable. Consequently, cats give a huge amount of comfort to their owners and are great company for young and old. Some would even describe them as the purrfect pet. Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

Finding a cat that's 'purrfect' for you can be a tricky business, however. Many people have their hearts set on a specific breed while others look for one that matches their own personality. So where's the best place to go in order to find this bundle of furry fun to adopt? To a breeder? Your local pet shop? An animal shelter? Or do you check the small ads in the local paper or online? Well, let me tell you something that might make up your mind. It's said that in the US, an 'unwanted' cat or dog is euthanized once every eight seconds. This is due to pet overpopulation and the limited space available in animal centers. So here's your chance to do something about that sad statistic.

Feline Finder is an app for iOS that helps users find a cat breed that is most appropriate for their situation.  It also informs on everything they need to know about...