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The best way to adopt a rescue cat in your local area

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Published 20 Apr 2017

[cont'd] for adoption it seems almost obscene to choose a breeding service or a pet shop over an animal shelter. What's more, in many cases the animals are spayed or neutered, immunized, dewormed, microchipped and assessed for behavioral issues by the skilled staff at the shelter. They’ve also been trained to use the litterbox in most cases. As you can imagine, it's the best way to go when adopting a new feline friend. Even if you decide not to go down this road, Feline Finder encourages users to share details of the app to their favorite social network to ensure that as many rescue cats as possible get adopted rather than potentially suffering a fateful demise. Feline Finder is available for free on the App Sore for iPhone and iPad right now. We encourage you to do the right thing and check them out.