Developer description

Today users use multiple financial accounts. Keeping track of all of them is frustrating and takes a lot of time and manual effort. It is necessary to have a clear picture of where you stand with your money and how to go where you want.

Fentury quickly and securely pulls in the banking info for users and displays it in an intuitive way. Based on this data it creates personalized budgets and tips for each user, helping them improve their financial wellness and plan ahead.

Main features and benefits:
1. Overview: Know exactly how much money you have right now on all accounts and how much you owe or are owed by using the unified money system.
2. Budgets: Plan your budgets ahead and keep up with own limits to save for things that matter
3. Calendar: add all your future payments and never forget to pay a bill again
4. Safety: We believe that true “personal” finance starts with trust. That’s why we take great care of sensitive data and have taken a vow not to work with any third-parties.

Fentury was created for users who want to get a holistic view of their finances and manage them easily. With seamless banking integration and intuitive mobile applications we are the all-in-one tool for daily money management.

Fentury is the first Personal Money Adviser that actually cares about you. With our in-house built API we have connected 2500+ banks in 50+ countries, making Fentury a global personal finance solution. Every account can be tracked. We bring automation and simplicity, minimizing manual input and saving time.

Last updated 1 Aug 2016

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