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Developer description

The app fieat is created to provide a user friendly mobile platform, that allows home based cooks to trade their cooking with foodies that are looking for homecooked food.

With the app, foodies could have a taste of food that is available near-by or beyond, beside going to a conventional take away food from commercial based operators.

With the app, it brings joy of cooking and eating at touch of button. On a single app platform, users are able to register either as a cook, foodie or both.

As a cook, it allows the users to upload photos of the cooked food from mobile phone photos gallery or on spot capture with built in camera function. The photos uploaded are to complete with description and asking price. Price displayed will be automatically calculated with fieat’s services and profit. Cooks are also able to determine and plan when they would like to provide the home cooked food with the calendar feature. With this function, it allows cooks to estimate and prepare the orders from foodies.

As foodies, it allows search via location or food type entry, and interactive map function that displays active home cooks. Being a tourist or travelling for work does not need to feel difficult with food seaching anymore.

Log in and check out what are the desire home cooked food around. Once desire food is selected, foodies are able to send order request to cooks. Upon confirmation of order from cooks, a notification will prompt foodies for payment. Foodies can then swiftly proceed to payment checkout via intergrated Stripe. As soon as the payment has been successful, a notification of order acceptance will be sent to both cooks and foodies.

Other feature is the inbuilt messaging, that allows interaction between foodies and cooks, like arranging pick-up time.

Last updated 27 Apr 2016

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