Developer description

FieldAssist is a comprehensive tech platform that provides sales force automation solution to make on-field sales force of any organization more Productive, Proactive and Organized . It enhances efficiency levels in the operational processes of the on-field sales force while providing real-time monitoring and suggested measures based on historic data. The SaaS platform engages, monitors and optimizes your on-ground sales operations daily. Build with the guidance and feedback of various industry stalwarts regarding business intelligence, our reporting mechanism ensures that meaningful data is captured and used to generate data insights & analytics for an efficient management.

FieldAssist comprises of a built-in adaptive sales booking mobile application that simplifies order booking process for the field force professionals in general and modern trade. The mobile application captures multiple field data points such as Attendance, Sales, Inventory, Payments etc. The captured data can be accessed real time by the company management through a dashboard over the web irrespective of their location. In addition, the platform is equipped to collect on-demand census data from outlets for specific SKUs to monitor the health of business by creating a quick survey. The SFA platform strengthens the on-field productivity of sales professionals by optimizing their journey plan with respect to the demands of market forces. Building user engagement at POS, intelligent market satisfaction and optimizing field forces are some of the long standing benefits of engaging SFA technology in business today.

Last updated 14 Aug 2017

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