Developer description

Fieldforce is a location based mobile sales productivity tool, for companies with people on the street or, even better, trucks that roll! Save time and money over costly traditional CRM systems and telematics:let your sales and service reps use the smartphones in the pocket to track sales and service calls, post updates to their teammates and conduct simple surveys of account activity. Perfect for field sales managers looking to coordinate sales reps for retail service calls.
Assign reps to accounts, trigger a simple survey of each account with a location based survey. Perfect for tracking retail display set up requirements. Great for any small business running service calls across town. Service reps can easily checkin and update location information which is shared in real-time to managers using the web portal. No need to invest in expensive telematic systems, just let your service reps use their existing smart phones. Free trials available, with both iOS and Android apps. Custom enterprise plan includes a private cloud web portal and corporate branding.

Last updated 5 Sep 2014