Developer description

Freelance graphic designers know the scenario at the end of a design project: Sharing final files with their clients can be a hassle. Especially print projects can produce many files and large file sizes. So how do you get them over to your client?

These files are probably too big to be sent by email, the client doesn’t have a Dropbox account and probably has never heard of FTP. A moment that is supposed to be celebrated—finishing a project—has become a nightmare.

With Filefolio designers can hand over approved work to clients online. Just upload all final project files to a Filefolio page and share it with your client. You can upload images, color swatches, fonts and other documents. And each item can have different file formats, e.g. RGB, CMYK and Pantone or high- and low-resolution versions. You’ve set up a Twitter account for your client? You can upload usernames and passwords as well.

After sharing it with your client, they have access to one gorgeous looking page with all final project files, even including different file types. Filefolio has built-in tooltips, so your clients know which file type is best used in which medium.

Finishing a design project has never felt better. Not only do you deliver your project files to your clients in style, but you also have a client that has all their files nicely organized online. So next time they need to send a vector logo or their campaign visual to the press they have one page to go to. And happy clients are much more likely to give you more projects.

Filefolio is currently in alpha stage, but you can sign up on their website to be notified when it launches.

Last updated 17 Feb 2013