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Published 3 Aug 2017

[cont'd] contains all the details informing you which files were created, which have been changed and which have been deleted.

A Monitor Report is an overview of all the files inside a FileWizz Monitor that either have been changed, deleted or created. Each report shows you exactly which files have changed and allows you to compare the old file with the new file to see the difference between the two. Let's assume it is the path to your website files. You'll be able to tell straight away whether certain things in your website - like prices or general information - have altered without your knowledge. The path is fully customizable too, so that when you define a monitor, you can include or exclude specific files from being processed. You can also select to only be notified when certain events occur - for example when files are changed.

While all areas of your website are important, probably the most important aspect for FileWizz is for your security. If you're not paying enough attention, it could be weeks or months after the event that you discover that something has changed. At that point you could have lost a lot of money and the reputation of your business could be at stake. Using FileWizz eliminates this situation, enabling you to find out straight away if there is a problem and giving you the chance to rectify it immediately.

FIleWizz is ridiculously easy to use although, if you want to create monitor reports...