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Published 12 Dec 2016

Remember those heady days when you used to be able to visit your local movie rental  store and could ask the person behind the counter "what's good?" If you were lucky and had a good store you could build a rapport to the point where they would know exactly the kind of film you were looking for with just a few quick questions. We're not talking about blockbusters here because they tend to sell themselves. We're talking about films like Donnie Darko, True Romance and Strange Days. Films that would have done nothing if it wasn't for the recommendations of the person behind the counter. These folks are often referred to as film-buffs but in reality they are simply avid film fans who know a good film when they see one.

These days, the movie stores are all but gone, of course. In their place are streaming services like Netflix and Prime. They have all the films you want to watch but they still haven't managed to get a system together so that you can find the exact one you wanna see. Many use tired old algorithms to suggest similar films to the ones you have loved but it's hardly a truly personalised system. That's where FilmFish comes in very handy. This new movies and tv app for iOS works much better because it uses a smarter and more accurate method of categorising films and tv shows than just trawling through lists. It...