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Published 12 Dec 2016

[cont'd] s like having your own resident film-buff in your pocket.

FilmFish categorises films like no other because they are carefully curated by real people who also happen to be bone fide film experts. Rather than just lumping films into a few generic categories like action, sci fi and romcom, the FilmFish team features thousands of different categories with a much more detailed analysis. Consequently, you are more likely to find True Romance in a section called 'Tarantino-esque Action' than simply in an action thriller section and you might find Donnie Darko nestled in  'Best [email protected]€s Ever' rather than the drama section. Do you get where I'm coming from?

But that's not all! Not only does Film Fish deliver a more detailed and varied category listing - the app will also tell you where you can stream the film that you've chosen. No longer will you have to search through Netflix, HBO GO or Prime listings to find your chosen movie because FilmFish will let you know exactly where it is playing. No longer will you have to jump backwards and forwards between the many streaming services whether they be paid or unpaid. In fact, every category and similar film list lets you know instantly where you can find it so you can see what’s free for you right now. You won't ever have to visit Netflix’s home page again if you don’t want to.

We've seen a lot of film sites over the...