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How much does it suck when the person you match with looks nothing like their pictures?

A lot, right?

That’s why we developed Filter Off, a dating app that allows users to participate in a facetime-style 60-second chat. There’s no messaging or swiping!

We can all agree that we are on dating apps to go on dates. Filter Off is the first fully functional video dating app where you can go on real dates every night.

There are a few issues with existing dating apps.

1. Swiping on Dating Apps

It’s not uncommon for the average user to spend more than 10 hours a week swiping. We decided to eliminate any sort of swiping and bring dating back to the user by introducing an all video dating app.

2. How to Avoid Being Catfished?

Every evening you receive a notification that your matches are starting. If you accept the prompt you will go live on video and see someone face to face. Almost like a traditional date. There are no filters.

3. Not Vibing on The Date

With an all video dating app, you no longer need to hop that you and your date vibe, you’ll see for yourself from the comfort of your home.

4. Dating Apps Can Break the Bank

As an avid dating app user, it’s so annoying to download an app, try to connect with someone, but only to be forced to pay to connect. We promise that it will always be free to connect with other users.

5. Messaging Can Get Out of Control

We totally removed messaging. Yes, you heard us right. At the end of your video chat you have the option to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. If you both give a thumbs up, you are entered into a match. At that point you can either record a video message or video call your match.

6. Dating Safety

If at any point of the chat you feel uncomfortable you can “X” out before the time runs out. If your date does something inappropriate you can report them and we will take swift action.

7. Lack of Dates

The goal that by using Filter Off is that you can go on more dates spending a lot less time than you had previously, we will connect you with up to 3 dates each night through live video.

8. Dating Apps for Serious Relationships

We want Filter Off to be known as a serious relationship dating app. That’s not to say you can’t look for something casual, but when it is all video and no texting, our guess is that you won’t be so upfront saying you’re just looking for a hook-up. If you’re that’s totally okay too!

We built Filter Off because we weren’t that pleased with the dating app landscape. Our hope is that we have developed the best dating app on the market. We are excited to announce that Filter Off will first be available in NYC and then in Los Angeles. Once you join the app, you will immediately be placed on the waitlist. More cities and other countries will be coming soon.

Last updated 13 Mar 2019

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