Developer description

Probably many are faced with the problem of uncertainty is why at the end of the month expenses amounted to n-sum, but it seems a large sum? We decided to create an application that could be used every day very quickly, easily, office, in the car, anywhere.

We thought that a lot of people keep records of money, only to the end of the month to see their costs. And not all people keep records to analyze.
For such cases, made-category tags, someone writes in detail, in the category "Shop" to "Fruit". And someone just says "food." You can create whatever you like, there is still a set of standard categories, of course.

Quickly add
Adding a record will need to click the "plus" or "minus" on the main screen and enter the amount and type can not enter, then entry will appear in the list of "Uncategorized". In case you are in a hurry.

There is still a useful feature for travelers, currency converter. Helps to translate entries in different currencies.

Last updated 8 Jan 2014