Developer description

We would like to present financialQ - a Swiss startup using sophisticated semantic learning algorithms and the wisdom of the crowd to show investors how new information impacts stock prices. The goal of the founders is to make the Stock Markets more transparent. At the moment investors have thousands of tools to understand what the price of their stocks is doing. What is missing is a tool where investors can see why a price change is happening. This is exactly what financialQ wants to provide.

The underlying principle is simple: the movement of prices in stock markets is mainly defined by how investors judge new information. New information if found by algorithms searching the internet for stock relevant news. An information is mapped to a stock if it is found to have a potential impact on it. The new information is presented to the financialQ community in real time. The community rates, filters and discusses the information. On this basis a community sentiment for each stock is calculated, which seems to be a quite good indicator for stock price changes.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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