Developer description

An App to find the names of your medicines abroad and travel more relaxed.
Either if you are a frequent traveller or if you are going on holiday abroad for the first time, Find My Medicine is a fundamental App to put in your luggage! In a few clicks, it will enable you to find the names of your medicines in the Country you are traveling to. Travel illnesses and the little problems every traveller faces will no longer be an issue.
The App functions in a very simple and intuitive way: research your usual medicine easily by name, active principle, symptom or pharmacological category, and you will find the right equivalent in the country you are visiting. The current version covers seven countries (Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, England, France, Poland), but it is constantly being updated in order to follow you in all of your journeys.
Find My Medicine: an app that makes traveling even more relaxing!
More than 4000 medicines.
WARNING: The medicines included in the app are the basic remedies for usual small traveling problems. In this version we preferred not to add antibiotics or medicines that need a prescription, because for those it is always suggested to consult your doctor.
The current version covers 7 Countries:
- Italy
- England
- France
- Spain
- Germany
- Poland
3 research methods:
- by name
- by active principle
- by pharmacological category
Each medicine comes with a card with all the details.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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