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Find Others is a new way for individuals to come together and seek justice through collective action. Whether you want to run a campaign, lobby for change or take group legal action, we give you the tools to do so.

Find Others campaign tools launched earlier this year, enabling you to:

Create free campaigns in under 5 minutes.
Raise awareness, unite with others and create change.
Create petitions and connect existing government e-petitions.
Highlight who is accountable for the issue.
Display supporter numbers.
Find experts who can help you to raise awareness and seek justice.
Grow your audience and find others who have been affected by the issue.
Post articles to share with your audience and build trust.
Make important information and news available.
Shine a light on injustices.
Private supporter forum (coming early 2021).

Beyond the campaign.
We will soon be launching our highly anticipated legal case-building tools. These tools will enable people with similar legal issues to anonymously group together and take collective legal action.

Find others with similar legal issues.
Pursue group litigation or class action lawsuits together.
Reduce the burden of taking action alone.
Increasing access to justice.
Backed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Law firms are also able to use Find Others to efficiently discover and manage group cases from instigation, all the way through to courts and settlement. We increase efficiencies across the board and ultimately enable law firms to take on more cases and reduce in-house administrative costs.

If you are trying to raise awareness of a particular issue or seeking justice, create a FREE campaign on Find Others today.

Last updated 19 Mar 2021

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