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Developer description

Find That Flag is a totally different from Guess That Flag. With a bigger screen to play on and a higher resolution we have been able to make massive improvements. Also FreeAppMagic are onboard to help improve the app and are also sponsoring the app.

Find That Flag is a cross between Where's Wally and Guess That Flag.

Now you can learn every nations flag in the world and get great stats about that nation. Also you don't just have to guess the flag you have to find it amongst hundreds of other flags.

App features.

* Every recognised nation in world is in the app

* Over 220 flags with over a 1000 different stats

* 3 difficulty levels and a learning mode

* Lets the user see every country in the world and that countries Flag, population, continent, currency and Capital City.

* Hours of play and great fun for all the family.

OR visit for more information and to see a demo video.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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