Developer description

FindOwner is an easy and economical solution that makes it possible to find a wide range of items people lose or forget anywhere outside home, any place, any city or any country. It is also helps with inventory and asset tracking. Phones, umbrellas and keys are the most frequently lost items. People lose stuff worth several hundred dollars each year.

People who find lost items do not know what to do with it or how to return it. FindOwner makes it possible to find lost items by making it easy for finders to return lost items to their owners. FindOwner labels can be applied to a wide range of items and does not require battery or tracking - just a good Samaritan and I believe the world is full of them. Using the app, the owner could also announce a reward as an incentive for returning the lost item. Go green and don't let your items end up in land fills.

Last updated 6 Jan 2016

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