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Native iOS and web app for fast creation of wine tasting notes. You can easily create notes and ... More

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Published 10 Sep 2012

Fine Bottles is a social application for iOS that is made to benefit both the wine connoisseur as well as the wine maker and distributor. On the one hand it is a handy note-taker and journal for the wine lover to wax lyrical about the bottle of wine being consumed. For the wine maker there is the chance to connect with potential customers and offer special deals as well as offering more information on specific wines from all regions of the world.
Fine Bottles is a native iPhone and web application for the fast creation of wine tasting notes. You can easily create notes and rate the quality of the bottles of wines you drink and then share them with you friend. Alternatively, you can use this information when shopping for more of the same. Fine Bottles is an application that is built around idea of flexibility and allows you to personalize and organize information like wine regions etc. All your data is synced, so you can write long tasting notes on your computer when researching. Bring all your tasting notes with you wherever you are and whenever you want. Access them offline on your iPhone when you are standing at the wine rack in the local wine shop. With all this information at your fingertips it means that you should be able to make a better and informed buying decision when next buying a good bottle of wine.
This unique application for iPhone was developed by London-based wine connoisseur David Filip and offers a simple place to store all your wine information. Either research your own information of make copious notes on the wine you are drinking now and sync it to your iPhone before making a trip to the liquor store. This should ensure that the next time you are at the store buying wine you won't end up with a bottle of red that tastes like vinegar. Fine Bottle is simple and free to use and you can even transfer your notes and research from another site if you like.

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