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Have you ever seen a bright fireball or meteor? Fireballs in the Sky is an exciting new app ... More

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Published 18 Dec 2013

No, it's not the name of the next Star Wars movie nor is it the title of the next One Direction album. Fireballs In The Sky is a completely new science application developed by the prestigious Curtin University in Western Australia that allows you to contribute to meteor research no matter where you are in the world. If you look up into the sky one night and see a fireball or a meteor, you can report it to the team of scientists who will incorporate the data into their research as they hunt for space rocks. The app uses the sensors in your smartphone to record all the details of the sighting and add to Curtin's vast database of space knowledge.
Have you ever looked up into the sky one night and seen a bright fireball or meteor? Well, now you can use this app in your smartphone to automatically record the time it took place, the location, the altitude as well as the azimuth of the meteor to build an animated recreation of the fireball that you saw. Add your own details about brightness, color, speed and fragmentation and Curtin and its team of planetary scientists and engineers will gain valuable knowledge of meteor action as well as making you a part of a groundbreaking space project called the Desert Fireball Network. The DFN is a research project based on a series of cameras positioned throughout the Nullarbor Desert in Western Australia. By capturing fireballs on...