Developer description

“First Derm” is an award-winning "ask the dermatologist" app that allows you to get screened at your convenience by a board-certified dermatologist and get an opinion on what to do next if you have a bothersome problem. To use it, simply send a picture and a description of your symptoms. Within hours you will have a response from our dermatologist directly on your phone. No user account or registration is required, users are always kept anonymous. 70% of users are recommended over-the-counter treatments and may not require a doctor's visit.

Here are the features that “First Derm” was praised for:
- 24-hour response time guaranteed for the case you submit via the app
- Your case will be resolved by board-certified dermatologists, each with more than 10 years of specialized training and vetted by a senior medical advisory board
- 100% anonymous, no login or identifiable information is needed (everything you send is also encrypted and kept on secure servers)
- Skin guide that provides information about the most common skin conditions
- Dermatologist directory that lets you find the closest doctor based on the geo-location capabilities of the app
The app is available for free on Google Play ( ) with a fee only for submitting a case. You can see the app in action on Youtube ( ).

Last updated 4 Oct 2014

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