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Turn your iPad into a fire alarm when you are away from home

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Just a dollar to safeguard your home from Fire...

FirstFireAlert is the world's first $1 ... More

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Published 26 Oct 2013

The iPad has really come of age over the last couple of years. When it started off it was really only promoted as a fun piece of entertainment. Then it transformed the kids game market with absolute user-friendliness for younger users. It then turned into a very useful business tool - to the point where you could virtually run your whole organization from it. Now we see the iPad as a device to safeguard your home. No, I don't mean by turning it into a virtual guard dog (though I'm sure there is an app for that.) FirstFireAlert is a 'world-first' iOS app that turns your iPad into a fire alert system for when you are away from home.
For as little as a dollar, FirstFireAlert is an application that converts your iPad into an addition to your home's fire alert system. Most of us these days have some form of fire alert system in our home or business - even if it is just one of the simple cheap round ones. This works very well if you are at home and the alert will tell you very quickly that you need to get out of bed quick-smart and get everyone out of the place and call the fire brigade. But what about when you aren't there? Just set your iPad with the app installed up near one of your fire alarms and use the easy set-up instructions and the app will recognize your alarm sound and...